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Slow Scan TV and drooling gits…

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It’s not something I’d normally do, but this is an event worthy, I think, of being put here as well as my amateur radio blog…

Of late I’ve been playing a bit with slow scan TV. This mode, for the non-amateur reading this, is used by amateur radio enthusiasts to send single pictures to each other, usually via HF radio.

In the olde days, you’d need a camera at your end and a display of some sort at the other end, and some electronics to decode it. In theory, one could still do SSTV that way, but the more usual way is to use a computer and software hooked up to your radio. The still images are now JPG files.

It’s an interesting mode to demonstrate amateur radio to others as well because the picture slowly filling the screen is a real attention grabber.

As stated previously, I also volunteer at the Canada Museum of Science and Technology and operate the radio station there: VE3JW. I had noticed that there was software for SSTV so I decided this weekend to put up a new demo – instead of the digital modes that I normally use, I’d run up some SSTV. By coincidence, there was also a contest on, so there were a LOT of nice images coming in nearly constantly and it made for a really interesting display on the big screen for visitors to watch and ask questions about.

Interesting, that is, until some American yahoo had to transmit a scantily clad woman.

Now don’t get me wrong – at the most basic level, I have no problem with scantily clad women. I encourage less clothing wherever feasible. However, amateur radio SSTV is NOT an appropriate place for it. It was fortunate that I noticed it quickly enough to get it off the screen before anyone complained.

I’d like to thank the operator who sent that picture for personally embarrassing me in front of the public, for embarrassing the national science museum, and for making amateur radio operators look like immature asses. I hope it was worth it in your quest for that important contest QSO. I’m going to be polite and not publish the callsign… this time. You know who you are.

I can’t believe it’s actually necessary to screen for this kind of material in amateur radio. There are so many other venues to pass those kinds of pictures around, do amateur radio hobbyists really need to do it there too? I’d expect better of a high school student, let alone an adult. I was talking to another operator of the museum station and he, too, mentioned that he stopped showing SSTV because of these kinds of pictures. Thanks to the drooler population of amateur radio, we can’t demonstrate something really cool for fear that some softcore porn image will come up. Just what I need to show mom, dad, and their two grade-school kids who stop by the display. Nothing like some half-dressed tart on the screen to leave a good impression about amateur radio.

So, SSTV operators, grow up and leave your nudie pics on your hard drive. Send that crap via email if you must move the pics around. You never know who might be watching.