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OVMRC Time Capsule

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Tonight was the OVMRC Christmas dinner/social.  It was well attended, which is always nice to see.  Good company and a nice buffet provided by Louis’ Steak House in Ottawa.

The highlight of the evening was the opening of the OVMRC time capsule.

The time capsule was assembled in 2002 at the 40th anniversary of the club, and it was intended to be opened in 2012 at the 50th anniversary of the club.  Unfortunately, it was forgotten about due to being well buried at the back of the club storage area.  The box was, however, discovered again and it was decided to open it at the 2014 Christmas gathering.

Then the issues at the Canada Science and Technology Museum got in the way.  The club’s storage is at the museum and with the asbestos and mould issue, there were challenges to recovering the box.  However, due to some great work by our club president, and some consideration and assistance from the museum, the box made an appearance.

The contents of the box were:

  • A list of check-ins to the 2002, 10th anniversary Welcome Mat net.
  • Some personal items from VE3PUR
  • A photo from a “Talk to Santa” Christmas event at the Canada Science and Technology Museum
  • A copy of the club’s original charter or letter of incorporation (I’m not really sure what the proper name of the document is).
  • A brief history of the club from formation to 1965
  • A 2002 catalogue from Durham Radio
  • Numerous QSL cards
  • A class photo from the 2002 amateur radio course run by the club
  • A copy of Canadian Amateur magazine
  • Some CDs of photos, audio cassettes, and a VHS cassette

Time will likely have ravaged the CDs and cassettes, so it will be interesting to see if anything useful can be recovered from them.  They appeared to be Field Day related.

Interestingly, prices haven’t changed that much, numerically, on amateur radio gear since 2002, although inflation means that prices have actually declined.  That’s a good thing I suppose.

Overall, a good time was had by all!

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