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Amateur Radio Code of Conduct

DX, General

I see a lot of people on QRZ and elsewhere who subscribe to the DX Code of Conduct.  It’s not a bad document by any measure, but it doesn’t work for me.  Instead, I prefer to subscribe to a much simple code of conduct.  This code is lifted directly from the pre-internet days of computer networking and is so applicable to amateur radio that I am duty-bound to share it with you all.  Here it is, in all its glory:

  • I shall not be excessively annoying.
  • I shall not be excessively annoyed.

Those two simple rules encompass everything in the DX Code of Conduct.  The first line of the code encompasses the first 10 points of the DX Code of Conduct.  The second line of the code covers the last three points of the DXCoC.

And better still, this code covers things that the DXCoC does not…  Are you the kind of amateur who has to tattle to the national organization/federal regulator when someone makes a little mistake?  Maybe you’re being excessively annoyed.  Do you tune up on top of other people, “just for a sec”?  Maybe you’re excessively annoying.

There it is… a simple code of conduct that everyone can follow – and not just in your amateur radio activities!


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